About the Book

Whether you’re a lawyer thinking about starting a freelance practice or a solo or small firm attorney who wants to know how a freelance lawyer can help, The Freelance Lawyering Manual is for you.

Freelance lawyers learn:

  • The benefits to and drawbacks of being a freelance lawyer,
  • How to structure and manage a freelance law practice,
  • Whether to have a specialty or general freelance practice,
  • How to set rates and bill for services,
  • The most effective techniques for marketing a freelance law practice,
  • How to communicate with potential and current clients, and
  • How to navigate ethical issues that arise in the context of freelance lawyering.

Solo and small firm attorneys learn:

  • The risks and rewards of hiring a freelance lawyer,
  • How to ethically profit off a freelance lawyer,
  • Whether and when they have to tell their client they’ve hired a freelance lawyer,
  • Strategies for supervising the work of a freelance lawyer,
  • How to find and screen potential freelance lawyers, and
  • How much to pay for freelance legal services.

The Freelance Lawyering Manual not only celebrates the benefits of freelance lawyering, but also creates a comprehensive resource on the freelance practice of law.

292 Pages

Price: $45.00 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble