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Fixing Low or No Microphone Volume on Skype in Ubuntu 10.04

October 11, 2010

This has nothing to do with much on this blog, other than I just lost an hour of my life trying to fix up Skype on my Linux.

For future webernauts, I tried: installing bizarre versions of Skype, reading a ton of old message boards about volume problems in Linux, fussing with the sound properties in gnome and the Alsamixer settings in terminal, and the settings in Skype.  Alas, none of this worked to fix the problem (although they were effective in getting me worked UP).

What did work is installing Pavucontrol (PulseAudio Volume Control), going to that program’s input devices tab, clicking the unlock button that otherwise moves the right and left channels in tandem, and then reducing the front right input to 0%.  The next test call that I did from the Skype sound options panel had my own voice recorded loud and clear in return.  Voila!

While you’re in the Skype options (I’m on 32-bit, by the way), disable (uncheck) allowing Skype to automatically adjust your sound properties, otherwise the channel adjustment you made in Pavucontrol won’t stick.


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