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Part II: Onshoring and Offshoring in the Context of Legal Outsourcing: Capabilities of Outsourcing Companies

April 2, 2011

This is Part II of a 6-part series on onshoring and offshoring in the context of legal outsourcing.

The capabilities of outsourcing companies also factor into whether to outsource work domestically and abroad.

Some offshore legal outsourcing businesses are structured to offer around-the-clock document review or e-discovery research.  Alternatively, integrated US firms can turn over the reins on a project at the end of the day, and effectively create a 24-hour working environment.

There are domestic legal outsourcing firms (sometimes called “legal temp firms”) which offer extended hours services.  I have known a few attorneys that work for these firms, and they put in 16-18 hour days, plus weekends.  (I have heard the working conditions described more than once as those of a “sweatshop”).  This is still not 24-7 service, however.

Meanwhile, the infrastructure of my solo contract services firm does not support this quantity of work.  I would have to decline a project that required evaluation of a huge amount of document review over a short amount of time.  In other ways, I am more accessible, however.  A client attorney can find me online most days, or pick up the phone and call me, so this permits an ease of communication that is not facilitated by an overseas arrangement.

Similarly, it is more feasible for a solo contract attorney to handle small projects of just a few hours duration.  Because my schedule is flexible and varied, I am sometimes called on to do “odd jobs,” and this is within my capabilities.  For a solo or small firm lawyer wanting to outsource the drafting of a single pleading, the time required to set up an offshoring arrangement would negate any potential benefit of efficiency.  It is within the solo contract attorney’s capabilities to take smaller assignments and still maximize efficiency for the hiring attorney.

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