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Part IV: Onshoring and Offshoring in the Context of Legal Outsourcing: Cost

June 14, 2011

There is no doubt that costs on large projects can be minimized by utilizing overseas legal outsourcing companies.  The July/August 2008 ABA Law Practice Magazine reports that document review that costs $7 to $10 a page in the U.S. costs only $1 a page if sent to India.  The same article reports on a firm that pays under $10 an hour to have overseas Indian attorneys review litigation emails.  Another firm reports paying $12 an hour for work by an overseas Indian attorney.  These are well beyond rockbottom rates.

Meanwhile, the cost to hire a lawyer through a temp agency for in-house assistance ranges in the neighborhood of $40-60 per hour, depending on whether the lawyer is barred, and the work to be performed.  This is generally the figure for document review work, when the firm is hiring a small fleet of temp lawyers, who are paid after the agency takes a cut.

Solo contract attorneys charge more than temp lawyers for a myriad of reasons, with fees ranging greatly from $50-150 an hour.

A reduced outsourcing rate does not necessarily mean an increased profit for the hiring firm.  The ethics opinions are consistent that the hiring firm may only bill cost plus a reasonable surcharge related to supervision and the outsourcing relationship.  Arguably, work from an overseas firm may require more supervision, though this is not inherently the case.

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