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Paying it Forward Pays Off (A Muchas Gracias to Bob Ambrogi)

I met Bob Ambrogi in the Virgin Islands in 2007. He was presenting at a CLE and I was a wee young law clerk for a judge on the island of St. Croix. I won a contest at the CLE and was awarded a copy of his book, The Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web, to which I have referred many times over the years.

These 6 years later, I sent Bob a copy of my own book, The Freelance Lawyering Manual. Once again doing me a huge kindness, Bob has published a thorough review of my book on his own blog, LawSites.

My favorite part?

The book’s preface is written by Carolyn Elefant, who, as founder of MyShingle.com and author of the book Solo by Choice, has demonstrated that she knows a thing or two about building a law practice. Both she and Alderman point out that, even as freelance lawyering has gained greater traction, there has been no comprehensive guide to assist freelance lawyers or hiring lawyers in understanding the practical and ethical issues involved.

Kimberly Alderman’s book not only fills that void, but does so comprehensively and intelligently. An added bonus is that Alderman is a darn good writer. Here is that rare legal practice guide that is actually a pleasure to read. Whether you are actually starting a freelance lawyering practice or merely daydreaming about it, you should buy this book.

Not sure I’ve ever been called a “darn good writer,” but I am sure I like the sound of it!

Take a look at the most thorough review I’ve gotten so far of The Freelance Lawyering Manual, penned by Ambrogi himself. LawSites is a great website to help busy you keep a finger on the pulse of websites pertaining to the practice of law, and well worth subscribing to.

Solo and small firm attorneys should contact me by email or phone at 608-620-3529 to schedule a free consultation.

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