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What Should Hiring Attorneys Bill the Client for a Freelance Lawyer’s Time?

The total fee charged to the client for the freelance lawyer’s services must be reasonable for the work provided. ABA Formal Op. 08-451, Lawyer’s Obligations When Outsourcing Legal and Nonlegal Support Services.

There is no set formula for determining whether an hourly rate is reasonable, but researching rates charged in your local market can give an indication of the appropriate range. In rural areas of the U.S., attorneys’ hourly rates often range from $175 to $250. In metropolitan areas, hourly rates can range from $275 to $450 and up.

When in doubt, a hiring attorney should review local ethical opinions to see what his jurisdiction considers a reasonable hourly rate to charge for legal services.

Generally, hiring attorneys bill the clients for work done by freelance lawyers at the same rate as they would for an associate’s time. This is typically slightly less than what they charge for their own time.

This post is adapted from The Freelance Lawyering Manual: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About the New Temporary Attorney Market.

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