About the Author

Kimberly Alderman is a lawyer, writer, and professor who has lived in Vermont, Alaska, the Virgin Islands, and New Mexico. In the course of her travels, Kimberly built up a thriving freelance law practice. She shares the insight gained from this experience in her new book, The Freelance Lawyering Manual.

Alderman is an expert on the law pertaining to ancient and historical objects and sites. She has appeared across the country to speak on cultural property issues, and has been interviewed by NPR, BBC, and The Art Newspaper. Alderman teaches at the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Born and raised on the east coast, Alderman received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland at College Park, a Master’s degree in International Art Crimes Studies from ARCA in Italy, and a Juris Doctorate from Howard University School of Law in Washington, D.C.

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